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07 November 2010

PDF to Text Converter

Did you ever find yourself in the position of opening a PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) file, but you had no PDF reading software installed? Well, it happened to me once or twice and the problem was that I had no Internet connection, so I couldn't download anything. Fortunately, I had PDF to Text Converter installed. Instead of opening the PDF's, I simply converted them to text files and got access to all the useful information.

PDF to Text Converter is a simple, but very useful application. Once you've downloaded and installed it, you can convert PDFs to text files right away. All you need to do is browse to folder containing the PDFs, add one or more file and hit 'Convert'. The files will be converted within a blink of an eye and will be saved with the original name, as text (TXT) files.


Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: This tool can prove its value whenever you wish to extr5act the text out of a PDF file. 

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